CADSTAR 16                                   ڷ                                    2015-09-14



PCB λ Error ˻ϱ


Assignments Ͽ PCB λ Error ߻Ǿ Check Ѵ.

⿡ ׷ ִ.


1.          Spacing  Manufacturing Error Codes

             (S) = Spacing Rule       (M) = Manufacturing Rule

AC Height Clearance (S)

IR Incomplete Routing (S)

AK   Area Keepout (S)

PB   Pad to Board Outline (S)

AV   Area No Vias (S)

PC   Pad to Copper (S)

AA   Comp Placement to Comp Placement (S)

PP   Pad to Pad (S)

BC   Comp Copper to Board Outline (S)

RO   Route Offset (M)

BD   Teardrop to Board Outline (S)

SS   Width Change Seg Too Short (M)

BT   Text to Board Outline (S)

TB   Route to Board Outline (S)

CB   Copper to Board Outline (S)

TC   Route to Copper (S)

CM   Comp Copper to Comp Copper (S)

TP   Route to Pad (S)

CO   Comp Copper to Copper (S)

TT   Route to Route (S)

CP   Comp Copper to Pad (S)

TV   Route to Via (S)

CR   Comp Copper to Route (S)

TS   Thin Route Segment (M)

CV   Comp Copper to Via (S)

TK   Area No Routes (S)

CC   Copper to Copper (S)

VB   Via to Board Outline (S)

CH   Copper Hatching Isolation (M)

VP   Via to Pad (S)

DD   Drill Holes Too Close (M)

VC   Via to Copper (S)

EC   Teardrop to Comp Copper (S)

VV   Via to Via (S)

EO   Teardrop to Copper (S)

XC   Text to Comp Copper (S)

EP   Teardrop to Pad (S)

XO   Text to Copper (S)

EE   Teardrop to Teardrop (S)

XP   Text to Pad (S)

ET   Teardrop to Text (S)

XV   Text  to Via (S)

ER   Teardrop to Route (S)

XR   Text to Route (S)

EV   Teardrop to Via (S)

XX   Text to Text (S)

IC   Isolated Copper (M)



2.          Report ޴ Design Rule Check Ѵ.


2.1         Type of Check

All - ޵ Spacing Manufacturing ׸


Spacing Only - ޵ Spacing ޵ ׸(

׸ ) ˻Ѵ.

Manufacturing Only - ޵ Manufacturing ޵

׸ ˻Ѵ.

Selected - ޵ ׸ ϴ 븸 ˻Ѵ.

Choose ư ȴ.


Choose ư ϸ â Ÿ.



â иǾ ִ ִ.


Rules Included : Ͽ Ÿ ׸ ˻Ѵ.


All - ޵ Manufacturing Spacing ׸ Included ߰ȴ. ̰ ϸ Excluded г ĭ ȴ.

Spacing -
޵ Spacing ׸ Included ߰ȴ.

Manufacturing -
޵ Manufacturing ׸ Included ߰ȴ.

Included ʴ ׸ ϰ ׸ Ŭ Ѵ. Ŭ ׸ Excluded ̵ȴ.



Rules Excluded : ˻󿡼 Ѵ.


All - ޵ Manufacturing Spacing ׸ Excluded ߰ȴ. ̰ ϸ Included г ĭ ȴ.

Spacing -
޵ Spacing ׸ Excluded ߰ȴ.

Manufacturing -
޵ Manufacturing ׸ Excluded ߰ȴ.

Excluded ˻ϱ ϴ ׸ ϰ ׸ Ŭ Ѵ. Ŭ ׸ Included ̵ȴ.



2.2         Layers to Check


All - ο Electrical Layer ˻Ѵ.

Single  ο Electrical Layer ϳ  ˻Ѵ.

Selected - ο Electrical Layer ϴ Layer

˻ѴChoose ư ȴ.


             Choose ư ϸ ̾˷αװ Ÿ.



̾˷α׸ иǾ ִ ִ.

Layers Included :
Ͽ Ÿ Layer ˻Ѵ.


Included г ʴ layer ϰ ׸ ϰ Ŭ Ѵ. Ŭ ׸ Excluded ̵ȴ.


Layers Excluded : Ͽ Ÿ layer ˻󿡼 Ѵ.

Excluded ˻ϱ ϴ Layer ϰ ׸ ϰ Ŭ Ѵ. Ŭ ׸ Included ̵ȴ.


             2.3         Where to Check



Whole Design - Board Outline ׸ ˻Ѵ

In Current Window  ȭ鿡 Ÿ κи ˻Ѵ.

In Area - ڰ ϴ κи ˻Ѵ.


             2.4         ˻ϱ

Ͽ ˻ϰ ϴ ϰ ̾˷α ϴܺ Begin Check ư

() ˻縦 Ѵ.


˻簡 Ϸ Ǹ ȭ Ʒ κп Design Rule Error Reports ڵ ö Error

߻ κп Error Code Ÿ.


ڷ 뿡 ǻ ø Ʒ ֽñ ٶϴ.

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